Free download of a delivery protocol for a horse

After the contract is concluded, the buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price. The seller is obligated to hand over the horse to the buyer at the agreed time, in the alternative conditional upon counter performance, against payment of the purchase price.


It usually takes some time, at least a few days, between the contract of sale and the time of delivery. We therefore consider it useful to produce a delivery (handover) protocol.


The material warranty right generally refers to the time of delivery. It therefore makes sense to record the condition of the horse at the time of delivery after conclusion of the contract.


Please do not agree on any further exclusion of warranty, because this could negatively affect the contract of sale with the already agreed exclusion of warranty in the sense of unreasonable disadvantage.

Delivery and transfer of property may fall apart, for example, if the horse is initially taken for a test riding for some time. Also, the transfer of the papers to the horse does not prevent it. Therefore, it makes sense to note this in the transfer protocol.


Feel free to use the attached delivery protocol for your purposes. If you have any questions, we are glad to help.

Free download of a delivery protocol for a horse
Übergabeprotokoll für ein Pferd.pdf
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